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Perspicacity, know-how, attention to detail - necessities of selling and leasing commercial property


In today’s business world these features are crucial to get the deal done. If these are also the features you are looking for when it comes to selling or acquiring your commercial property, then Samaras One is your agency in charge.


Specialising in the sales and leasing of commercial property with a strong focus on office and retail within Sydney’s CBD and city fringe, Samaras One obtains an innovative and unique approach to handle commercial property.


Whether you are looking for a discreet and cost effective sale or the full advertising package that attracts as many buyers as possible, Samaras One offers the whole range of marketing opportunities and will create a tailor-made campaign for your specific property. Exceptional professionalism, focus on detail and delivering results beyond your expectations are our main specialties.


Our eclectic client network creates possibilities outside the square. Having developed an innovative and unique way of tapping into international client markets with a special focus on Asia, Samaras One opens all doors to constantly enrich existing client circles.


The depths of our relationships, experience and knowledge enable us to provide outstanding customer service as well as an exceptional range of commercial properties that rarely appear on the market. 
Perspicacity, know-how, attention to detail – our features for your property’s benefits